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Svalbard is a Nowergian archipelago just a few steps away from North Pole. These places were incredibly silent and inspiring. The nature is still sovereign, in fact there are no roads to connect the cities in Svalbard: the only way to move around is by boat, plane, helicopter or snowmobile.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we did not meet any polar bears, but during a boat trip we enjoyed the company of whales and dolphins. If you go there to see penguins, just remember: they only live in the South Pole (we met a couple of american tourists who made this mistake).

We hope that these photos can bring you to Svalbard for a couple of minutes.

svalbard-pr-9 svalbard-pr-11 svalbard-pr-12 svalbard-pr-13 svalbard-pr-22 svalbard-pr-35 svalbard-pr-40 svalbard-pr-45 svalbard-pr-46 svalbard-pr-52 svalbard-pr-54 svalbard-pr-71 svalbard-pr-75 svalbard-pr-77 svalbard-pr-78 svalbard-pr-79 svalbard-pr-82 svalbard-pr-83 svalbard-pr-90 svalbard-pr-93 svalbard-pr-96 svalbard-pr-97 svalbard-pr-98 svalbard-pr-99 svalbard-pr-100 svalbard-pr-101 svalbard-pr-102 svalbard-pr-112 svalbard-pr-114 svalbard-pr-115 svalbard-pr-119 svalbard-pr-123 svalbard-pr-124

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