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Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is definitely one of the most unique places you could visit in the world. It has spectacular views of dark terrain and volcanos inland and a contrasting blue coastline around the edge of the island. With a love of surf, sun and sand, the locals make you feel like the beach is paradise, and one worth exploring.


The dunes are an iconic area on the island and one to take some interesting photos. The dunes were one of our favourite activities because it felt like we were in the desert, even though we were along the coastline!

Corrajelo Dunes
Av. Grandes Playas, s/n, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain


The most spectacular views were seen when walking up and around the volcanos. Calderon Hondo erupted around 10,000 years ago. Like nothing we’ve ever seen before, there was a different view every time we turned, all of which were amazing.Volcano Calderon Hondo

Calderón Hondo, 35660, Las Palmas, Spain


The most well known beach on the island, Flag Beach, is the place where all the surfers go. It has a large stretch of sand and a light blue shore, with a water temperature of 20°C. You can have many views of this beach, whether it be from a volcano, dune or on the beach itself.

Flag Beach
Av. Grandes Playas, s/n, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain


The island is also famous for it’s Aloe Vera. There are many shops dedicated to Aloe and it’s available to buy too. We couldn’t help ourselves and bought two plants for the Lab!



Inspired by Moroccan riads and ancient Greece/Rome, this home is the perfect haven for anyone visiting the island. With an amazing volcanic view in the lounge room, tall glass windows throughout the house and a relaxing pool area, the villa exceeded our needs and expectations.
It is located in a small area (Lajares) with cafes and restaurants to make you feel like a local, and is a 15 minute drive away from Corrajelo, the main area on the island.

Villa Riad Kairos
For more information on the house & to contact the lovely host Sandra:

Cafes / Restaurants


Mazzo is a cafe in Lajares that serves a good breakfast and fresh bread. If you want to sit down and feel like a local, this is your spot. They also serve freshly squeezed orange juice and speak spanish, french and english!

Calle Coronel Glez del Yerro, 15, 35650 La Oliva, Las Palmas, Spain


Located next door to Mazzo is an all bio store, Obvio. Inside there is also a gallery area, as well as a spot for fresh booster juices. This is the perfect little store to have a wonder in and buy some good quality bio products. We grabbed some of our favourite fruit and vegetables grown on the island and made a home made juice!

Calle principle 12, 35650 La Oliva, Las Palmas, Spain



As soon as we arrived on the island, we noticed an old land rover with surf boards on top. We were instantly inspired and wanted to know more. This belonged to Joyas Surf School, a local school that runs classes for all levels of surfing and has a cool shop to look around in.Joyas Surf School
Calle Coronel Gonzalez del Hierro, 16, 35650 Lajares, Las Palmas, Spain


Clean Ocean Project is a shop on the corner of a roundabout and every time we passed we wanted to go in, and we’re glad we did. As well as a shop, it’s an organisation that helps protect Fuerteventura’s beaches. Inside they support locals and sell their products, and outside they have a collection and mural of plastics found on the beach.

Clean Ocean Project
Calle del Muelle de Pescadores, 11, 35650 El Cotillo, Las Palmas, Spain

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