Fusillo Lab | About
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Fusillo Lab is a place where authentic homemade meals are made, like minded people are met and creative ideas are shared.




Fusillo Lab has an appreciation for good taste in food, with a love for cooking delicious meals using fresh ingredients and creativity. Happy taste buds are welcomed with every bite.




Fusillo Lab collaborates and create contents for brands that are like minded and have an appreciation for what we do. We love to feature those who are coherent with our style through taking photographs and videos that represent our shared aesthetic.




Although Fusillo Lab is not open to the public, it welcomes curiosity and has an open mind to anyone who wishes to visit in Milano. Homegrown herbs sit on the sill of tall windows that offer delicate natural light. A big wooden table sits as the heart of the room that compliments the homely details that the space offers. Collections of objects picked with big care represent the love of design and creativity within the space.




We organise events and workshops to promote living an inspirational lifestyle and love, sharing our favourite high quality brands as well as those which are handmade or finely crafted.

Fusillo Lab is constantly inspired by places all around the world. We mix trend with authenticity and inspire people to live the best life.